Economics A level (A2) exam preparation and past paper practice

Economics A2 tuition A level in dubai

Introduction to Economics A level (A2)

The classes will help you pass Economics A level (A2) with high grades, our goal is to make Economics super easy for you. We provide Economics preparation for all boards including; Cambridge Economics A level , Pearson Edexcel A level and Oxford International A level, this preparation course includes; lectures, explanations, quizzes, formula sheet, e books, past-papers with markings scheme and complete economics A level revision for A2. All what you need to know for your exams. our objective is to make you understand all the topics inside and learn how to answer the past-papers. This is an opportunity for you to get an A grade in your Economics A Level.

  1. Economics A level course (A2) will include:
  2. completes the course
  3. Teach you how to answer Paper 3 & 4
  4. Practice of past-papers
  5. Revision of the course
  6. Tips on how to get a better score
  7. Mock test – so the teacher can evaluate your scores

How are the classes conducted

We provide online classes for all our students, you have the option of choosing between:

  1. One on One classes: The tutor teaches one student at the time during the online classes
  2. Batch Classes: Most popular classes, we only have a small batch of students at a time and we take them through the complete course and preparation. We only have limited seats in the batch classes, therefore it gets filled up very quickly, register to the free demo class

Course Plan and class schedule

1: Basic Economic Idea and Resource Allocation

2: The Price System and the Micro economy

3: Government Micro economic Intervention

4: The Macro economy

5: Government Macro intervention

How to solve the past papers


  • Introduction to Paper 3 & 4
  • How to do Paper 3
  • How to do Paper 4
  • Explanation of key terms
  • Past paper practices for more then a month
  • Understanding Mark scheme
  • Mock Test for the student


Economics A Level A2

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Prepare for Economics A Level A2

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Why Choose AcademyBE for Economics A Level A2 Preparation

  • Construct business skills 

A business student is nothing without the practical knowledge of the industry. Hence, we get our lessons designed by people who are serving in the industry. It helps our teaching staff and students to look into the practices of the market’s top players and understand what makes them so different from the others. 

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The AS & A Level syllabus content is divided into five topic areas:

  1. Basic economic ideas and resource allocation 
  2. The price system and the micro economy 
  3. Government microeconomic intervention 
  4. The macro economy 
  5. Government macroeconomic intervention

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