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Students have so many subjects to study. But IGCSE business creates a special charm in students’ minds. It is not very difficult as other subjects. Most importantly IGCSE business students learn through case studies and active participation from the student’s side. Apart from that students need preparation throughout the year. Students need to develop a deep understanding.  Need to plan and organize everything. Make a timetable for your daily routine and stick to it. Students can achieve high grades with systematic techniques.

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Difference between IGCSE and GCSE

There is no major difference between IGCSE and GCSE. Both qualifications are considered almost the same and considered equivalent. The student of GCSE works harder throughout the year than IGCSE. IGCSE students study for a year in their respective states and then give exams at the end without attending any special classes. IGCSE subjects taught at the international level and GCSE taught at state school. Both prepare students for higher education in better international Universities. After completing IGCSE, a student can easily move to the next step A-Levels.

Apart from the above-mentioned differences few remaining highlighted here. They are;

• IGCSE is Taught in 150 countries all around the world but GCSE only in-state or a few places in the UK only.

• Examination timing changed for both

• Both have a bit of variation in subjects wise.

Subjects Offered in business IGCSE

IGCSE offers students a wide range of courses. They offer 70 subjects with different combinations in 30 languages. Main subjects included English Language, History, Economics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physic, and Business. All these subjects are available in many languages like; French, Spanish, Japanese, Greek, Urdu, Arabic and last but not least is Chinese. All these subjects later lead to advanced studies like A-Levels.

As we are talking about subjects, In detail regarding the business subject taught in IGCSE. Business IGCSE is divided into 6 sections and each section has a further 5 to 6 courses except section 6. In this section, students study only government policies and objectives regarding the economy. The rest of the 5 sections demonstrate in-depth business insight.

Why study business at IGCSE

Business studies can be called an umbrella term of so many subjects. Studying many subjects separately like accounting, finance, economics or marketing, a student studies all these in Business studies degree. That is why maybe because of studying so many courses, develop a business student mind. Which later guides in so many areas like to develop or run one’s own business.  I am not saying you become a businessman or Bill Gates at once. But this path expands your horizon. But yet a long way to establish and polish your skills and then later take full benefit from it.

Gains and Opportunities of studying Business IGCSE

This subject brings many opportunities and a bright future for the students. It is the beginning of a successful life and career. Some of them are highlighted in this article.

1. Working a step ahead for your Dream

As we grow up we have certain goals and set patterns to follow or either our parents have certain expectations from us. In either case, business IGCSE provides a platform for your dreams. A dream to take admission in any international university or Selection of career or field for expertise or working for professional growth or move from one country to another.

2. Enthusiasm leads towards your dreams

Passion, excitement, and enthusiasm all these keywords indicate your way of living your desired life. If someone loves the work they are doing, they will succeed in life. Business IGCSE a step towards one’s dreams. For example, if some like to study history will have deep knowledge of it and if someone likes any other subject will be interested in that subject.

3. Chance to know international business myths.

Business IGCSE helps students to study the market and economy internationally. One more benefit of studying business IGCSE is that it is recognized internationally and can be considered a very strong base for students. After doing business IGCSE a student can apply internationally for his A-Level. Later, doing A-level from any recognized international university is achieving a huge milestone.

4. Language proficiency

It is a very important factor for being a Business IGCSE student, Language proficiency matters a lot. English as a medium of instruction creates a great impact on students’ language skills. All notes and tests conducted in professional-level English during studies. In this way, a student can work in all four modes of the English language.


So much effort is required in the preparation, planning, and gaining better grades throughout the Business IGCSE degree. It is not an easy task but at earlier ages it is like 10 to 14+ age counts a lot. It can be called a countable and sensible decision. Working hard in the early years impacts your whole life and gives fruitful results.

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